Past and ongoing guest experiments

22. - 28. 7. 2010

Noise measurements for planning the next gravitational wave detector

Mark G. Beker, Nikhef - National Institute for Subatomic Physics, Science Park 105, 1098 XG, Amsterdam, e:mbekerIrg3∂nikhef nl t:+31 611247538


Test installation of magnetometers in measuring hut by Alexey Kuvshinov (ETHZ)

These sensors and data acquisition are to be permanently installed in the Maldives in 2010.


Installation of iSTS1-Z by Mark Zumberge (IGPP, UCSD); STS-1 vertical component with interferometric displacement transducer but without feedback.


Hans-Georg Scherneck (Onsala)

Exchange of information/thoughts on the SG


InSight Team at the BFO (3 IPGP, 4 MPI)

Reinhard Roll (MPS Katlenburg-Lindau):

Test of the seismometer suspension for moon and mars seismometer

Huddle test with three Trillium-compact seismometers.

July 2012

Philippe Lognonné: Test measurements for SELENE2 (moon) and InSight (Mars) seismometers (; Roll, M. Bierwirth, MPI

19. 11. - 11.12. 2012

Patrick Blascheck and Edi Meier: Test operation of two M24 data acquisition systems in the tunnel: Timing via 1pps and NMEA time telegram and test of Le3Dlite seismometers


Thomas Petzsche <thomas.petzsche@...>, Fa. Kistler, Determination of the spectral noise density of a sensitive accelerometer


Mark Zumberge (iSTS-1-H) (IGPP, Scripps, UCSD), Heinz Wuhrmann

17.12.2013 - 9.1.2014

Test measurements for DGMK project "High resolution monitoring the seismicity at Rotenburg with comparison of the evaluation concepts".


Utz Kramer, Hans-Chr. Einfalt, Inst. f. Mineralogy and Geochemistry, KIT: Use

 the BFO garage for evaluations for "Geochemical prospection".

2013 - 3.8.2015

Test measurement STS 2.5 in the huddle test; 9.9.2013 Robert Freudenmann (Streckeisen) @BFO


Test measurement Nanometrics Trillium Compact, Lennartz LE3D, Centaur for IfG Stuttgart (Steffen Uhlmann)


operation of an STS-2 in a sandbox to simulate underground conditions on the planet Mars: InSight Mission


Trillium 204 in Huddle Test

9.7-11.7. 2014

Calibration measurements of reference seismometers (STS-2, Trillium T-240, TrilliumCompact) for the Insight Mission to Mars (project partners: CNES Toulouse and IPGP Paris); Taichi Kawamura a. o,


Mark Zumberge, iSTS-1

23.10. - 16.12.2014

Self noise measurements of three Lennartz Le3d/5s MkIII with new differential output.


Measurement of the inherent noise of a meridian posthole 120s seismometer by Nanometrics (Steffen Uhlmann)


Seismic test measurement in the Anton tunnel with an SNS from Stuttgart (Gregor Mokelke) for the GEOLAB project (Th. Kohl, KIT)


Test of a tiltmeter by Erich Lippmann in the seismometer chamber


Marco Walter ( ) and Patrick Langfeld ( ) - Test of a 6-channel data acquisition system at the Strainmeter test gallery


InSight-Team, CNES, N. Verdier a. o.


ETH-Zurich (Friedemann ?, Alexander ?, Johannes Käufl) - Operation of a

magnetotelluric station in the upper Anton tunnel


Structure of the SAPOS monitoring, stuff, Klüwert

13.3. - 17.3.2017

Measurement of the selfnoise of the SP horizontal seismometers of Tom Pike for the InSight mission (Nicolas Verdier, CNES Toulouse)


Marco Bierwirth, Michel Eberhardt, MPI for Solar System Research, InSight

22.2.2018 / 9.8.2019

Steffen Uhlmann, IGM


Measuring instrument test, H.-J. Vityon(?), Semex/EngCon, GmbH


Mark Zumberge, iSTS-1


Güralp seismometer; Sean Gössen, comparative measurements with three seismometers. Further visit on 20.9.2019, end of the experiments on 10.3.2020


STS6A, track iron, ASL (24.8.2018 Robert Freudenmann @ BFO)


Robert Freudenmann, Streckeisen: further planning STS-1 vs. STS-6A