Black Forest Observatory (BFO)

The Black Forest Observatory (BFO) is jointly operated by:

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* Research aims at BFO
+ Where is BFO (maps)
+ How to get here...
+ A walk through the Observatory
+ Instruments at BFO
+ Instrument responses in SEED like format
+ View instrument responses
+ Low-frequency noise levels at BFO
+ High-frequency noise levels at BFO
+ Recent signals recorded at BFO
+ Monitor plots from BFO
+ How to get data from BFO
+ Software to predict tidal accelerations
+ Collaborations
+ Who is who at BFO
+ A brief history of the Observatory
+ Geology of the Heubach vallay near BFO
+ Selected publications based on data from BFO

+ Windturbines near BFO?

+ BFO in den Medien: Stellungnahmen zum Sumatra Beben.

+ Free oscillations of the Earth...

+ Wo hat Heinz Otto gewirkt?

+ Hiwi Stellen am BFO
+ Diplomarbeiten am BFO
+ imagemaps in testing

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