Bannergram : STS-2 recording of 2011 Tohoku event at BFO How to get to BFO...

If you come by car you can get to the Black Forest Observatory from the:

  • West via Offenburg and Hausach (for people coming from Strasbourg, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt),
  • North-East via Freudenstadt and Alpirsbach (for people coming from Stuttgart, München),
  • South-East via Schramberg. (for people coming from Rottweil, Zürich).

If you come by train you must travel through either Freudenstadt (from Stuttgart / Zürich) or Offenburg and Hausach. The name of the closest train station is Schiltach (not Schiltach Mitte).

The geographic coordinates of the laboratory building are (Google Earth):

           48° 19' 44.24" North 8° 19' 23.13" East

If you enter "Heubach 207, Schenkenzell" in maps.google.com you will also get correct directions.

Sketch of the way to the BFO
Sketch of the roads around BFO.