Accessing data from BFO



  • Access to past (starting in January 1991) and current data from the STS-2 seismometer of the GRSN station at BFO is possible through the GRSN data management center at BGR in Hannover. Here is an editable HTML data request.
  • We have converted all "historical" digital data from BFO to SEED format and sent a copy to the IRIS/DMC in Seattle for distribution and archiving. The data goes back to 1982 and is archived under the network code BF. On May 14, 1996 an IRIS/IDA MK-7 data logger was installed and data from all sensors at BFO are now available through the IRIS/DMC under the network code II. For data from the IRIS/DMC this is an editable HTML data request
  • And this is an editable HTML request for Infrasound data
  • Since 24 July 2006 continuous data from our magnetic variometers can be obtained through Intermagnet.
  • Data from our superconducting gravimeter GWR SG-056 is beeing disseminated through ISDC. The data are available since October 2009. The signals from the two spheres of out dual sphere sensor have the channel codes B1 and B2.
  • Continuous data from our GPS antenna is disseminated through IGS. Our station code is BFO1 and we are part of the project GREF.
  • IGETS:
  • Access to GPS data at BKG:


Seismic data are distributed in a binary format called SEED or mini-SEED. A program to convert mini-SEED to human readable ASCII numbers is mseed2ascii